Best Spotting Camera

What would be a good camera for decent photos?


SX50 or the SX65 powershots the best. Has great zoom!image last one isn’t plane related sorry. Check my insta for more and check my plane spotting posts. Search O.R Tambo plane spotting :)


I Use A Canon Rebel T5 With A 18-55mm Lens, And A 75-300mm Lens


I was just looking at the SX60.

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Was it the powershot?

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I’ve been looking at the Canon 750/760D. 2 different lenses though as the 10-18mm I also want obviously won’t be useful for aviation. If you’re looking at a budget of around £800 I would suggest looking into those two 🙂


Yep, that is correct.

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I’ve been using the Canon Powershot G16:) Check my KFLL spotting topic.

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I recommend if you’re on a budget looking at second hand shops first, IMHO you can get some good deals. You can get a D90 for around £200 that being said the D90 is getting pretty old now, there still are other good cameras for quite good prices though (obviously you just need to make sure that it they have now faults).


I use a cannon eos 70d and pics are awesome… Also spot at DFW and use a 28-105mm lense

Check my various spotting topics such as delightful evening at DFW

The 750/760D are two great cameras and even though there are still some more sophisticated these will be more than enough for a beginner. If you (OP) are debating on which of these teo, I would go with the 760D. This is due to the fact that the 760D has a screen on the top, a feature seen on the more sophisticated cameras (60D/70D/80D/7D and most full frame higher ends).

If you want to get even cheaper (which is still not bad) I would suggest the 600D or 700D, which are two great cameras.

If you want to shoot video I would suggest the 70D or 80D, though they are very expensive, they offer dual-pixel focusing which is amazing! I am not syaing that they are not good for photo, because they are, but they are explicitly goood for video.

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The 7D would probably do the best for you since it has a 1.6X base zoom from the crop sensor. Basically any lens that you would get is actually 1.6X more in focal length than what the lens is listed as. Also the 7D provides a dual DIGIC 6 processor which is perfect for all lighting conditions if your camera (or you if you are shooting in manual) has to crank up the ISO in order to get proper lighting. If you have proper lighting the 7D also has one of the fastest shutter speeds you can get topping out at 1/8000th of a second. That high shutter speed will help with freezing the aircraft so you get a sharp crisp photo. The price of the 7D is around $1400 for just the camera body but that makes it comparable to the price of the 70D/80D with a lens. The lens that they offer for both models, the 18-135mm is complete crap (coming from a professional photographer) You’re better off skipping the kit lens and going for a lens that is specific to your shooting needs.

Of course this all depends on your budget.

I would highly not suggesting getting the 28-105 lens as you can get a far sharper and far better lens with the Canon 70-200mm 4L non IS lens for the same priced new as a 28-105mm used.

Let’s not draw to fast conclusions here. I have this lens I do not agree with you. “Complete crap” is an inappropriate word in this situation. It’s not about the equipment that you are using, but the man or woman who stands looking through that viewfinder, pressing the shutter button, that makes the photo.

Just as proof, I have been photographing for years and am now using the 60D with an 18-135mm lens. Yes, the chromatic abboration is there, yes the distortion might be just a little over the edge, but, and remember this (not aimed at you, since you probably know this), post-processing is half of the photo. Right, get a good composition and a good photo, but check out any good photo and post-processing has almost always been involved, I promise.

Full frame is for losers. Just take a few steps back 😂


I too owned that lens the lens distortion at both extremes does not help. I’m drawing this from a professional and experiential point.You don’t see how bad the distortion is on a crop sensor because the crop sensor always is showing just the sharpest and best part of the lens. I work with a full frame and trust me I sold me lens back in 2 months after using it and bought something better.

EF-S lens on a full frame? Well, yea, that explains the distortion you experience. EF-S lenses are made for crops…

I do apologize I confused it with my suggestion to forget about the 24-105mm 4L lens.

I use a gopro and it takes some good pictures:

My 105 mm lens is from my old camera which was a Canon EOS rebel