Best spotting airports in Ohio

Hey guys where are the best spotting airports in Ohio? I think I may go spotting soon.

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@Cbro4 is the guy your looking for. He is a spotter at KCVG!


KCVG is pretty good for commercial. You got everything from CRJs to 747s. I haven’t really spotted much around Ohio, but I’m sure there are plenty of other good airports.


yeah but the only problem is that i live like 5 hr. from KCVG

is KPIT or KCLE good i live closest to those airports

@kpit will tell you all you need to know about spotting in Pittsburgh. For Cleveland maybe contact @petercle :)

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Well for KCLE I recommend you check here:

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Who ever wants to know, shoot me a PM, I’ll get back to you here ASAP.

KCVG is a good one for sure I live in the area

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