Best sources of flight parameters for aircraft?

I’m still getting to grips with many of the aircraft in IF, and have spent a fair amount of time in and around Google researching relevant air speeds for rotation, cruise, approach etc for each one. I never seem to end up on the same site twice, and many turn out to be checklists for systems that we have no control of in IF.

Does anyone know of a good central source for aircraft flight parameters, with good coverage for those featured in IF? (Or do I need to create one for the benefit of everyone else 🤔)

This spreadsheet should have info for most of the aircraft…


That looks like a very handy one! Thanks for that 👍🏻

The A320/A321 (haven’t tried the A319/318-but same wing so give it a whirl) really fly amazingly well when using the speeds in this pdf document. Particularly the approach and landing speeds or Vapp and Vls (Vref for Boeing fans)

The pages you’ll be most interested in are
Takeoff: pp 7-12
Landing: pp 18-19
For the Vapp calculation on page 19, take the Vls/Vref speed from the chart on page 18, add 5kt automatically, then add 1/3 tower headwind component

To find the actual headwind component for your runway, you can use the component calculator here:

If you’re landing say on RWY 36 and the wind is 040/15 you won’t need to add all 5kt as it’s not a straight headwind-the headwind component is 11kt so you could add ~3-4kt.

I also add 1 extra knot in windy conditions for the IF autothrust on the Airbus as the A/T is engaged til the “retard” callout at 20’ AGL and I’ll leave just the autothrust in until ~50’ and retard the thrust lever at the callout.

Once I began using these charts, my landing quality went thru the roof-I’m able to get consistently good landings by using the Vapp formula.

Putting it all together, if you’re landing RWY 36 in an A320 at a weight of 146,000lbs with the wind 040@15kt your speeds would be as follows:

Your Vls/Vref (touchdown speed) is 137kt
Your Vapp or approach speed (which is usually flown from the marker or a 5-7nm final on in) would be
137 + 5kt + 4kt= Vapp of 146kt
(headwind is 11kt/3=3.6 for a 4kt additive)

In addition, simbrief has takeoff numbers for many a/c but not all of them-just select “runway analysis” in your default settings.

Any questions feel free to PM me

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Awesomely detailed, and incredibly helpful - even if it does make me realise I have a great deal of terminology and technical knowledge to learn yet 😊

I can’t say enough about the Vref/Vls/Vapp speeds. The IF Airbus narrowbody fleet is tuned perfectly to those speeds.

For some in depth videos have a peek here


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