Best software to livestream a flight?

Hello everyone,

Hope you all are well, I have a simple question. I’m currently using Omlet Arcade, which I’m using 720p at max. I also have EveryCord, but when I try to use it, the max resolution is 480p.
What would be the best software on iOS in order to live stream to YouTube?


try “Steam labs”

Don’t really have an app recommendation as I’ve ditched iOS for ages. Honestly though, with the current state of things on iOS, it may be better to stream through a camera. Using an app will probably cause crashes.
BTW 720p is not bad anyways.

I used to use MobCrush I think.

If you have a laptop OBS is perfect. Easy, quick and Efficient! If not I would use Stream Labs for Ios

Alright, thank you guys for all the suggestions!

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