Best Soc (and device) for IF?

Hello everyone. I’m putting this topic here, because I’m looking for the optimal device for Infinite Flight, and I was wondering which one is better between the Apple M2 (iPad pro) and the Apple A17 Pro (iPhone 15 pro)?

In terms of pure performance, and also over the long term, of course!

If you have any advice, I’d love to hear from you!


I use a few iPads and the M2 pro works the best! Plus, you get a bigger screen than a phone which imho is important :)


Ha thanks Dan, that’s nice! I’ll take that advice :)

I have the 15 pro and it works great totally maxed out, I have an M1 iPad and it works great, already maxed out settings and at a stable 60 fps which is the max IF allows. An M2 probably won’t work better today but will give you that performance for longer. I think @Dan is right that if you are looking for the ultimate IF device an iPad Pro with M2 is probably the best money can buy, but it is a lot of money so you can definitely step back and get the same experience today just with a little less longevity with an iPad Air for example.

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Probably use an iPad.
Its a bigger screen and you don’t have to worry about not being able to use your phone for other things and risk losing your flight progress. Although the resume does help with this to some extent now. I also find it easier to be able to leave it on for overnight flights.

Yeah, that setup would be pretty good! You should for sure use the iPad for your flights, so you can check to see that your gear is down @KPIT!!! 😂😂😂

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Agree with Dan here. I also use the iPad Pro M2 and it runs everything just fine on full graphics and 60fps. Doesn’t get hot at all. The reason it stays cool is because of the devices’ size, because the heat transfer is more dispersed. Also, a bigger screen makes for a more immersive experience overall


I use the 14Pro, all max settings and it works with no issues at all. I still have a cooling unit to be safe though.

Bruh that isn’t even related to this smh 😂

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Sorry, I had to lol

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On airports with a lot of 3d elements, and with several visible aircraft (KLAX or KJFK, and 6 or 7 aircraft), have you noticed any FPS drops? Stuttering, or anything like that? Or does the iPad M1 remain stable under all circumstances?

To be fair I’m not a super active player but I have had everything maxed the whole time I have owned that iPad and never noticed any hiccups even at busy airports.

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Well, Thank you very much for your reply, I’m going to explore the internet to find the perfect device now haha.

Have a nice day!

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