Best Smartphone for playing IF smoothly

Hi guys, I was just wondering if u could tell me which smartphone is suitable for me below ₹15000 ( approx. USD 200) I want to know which smartphone can play infinite flight smoothly with highest settings. I searched for another of this topic , but didn’t find one,Thank You

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I would say the Moto G is your best bet. It’s $200 and one of the better phones for that price.


Frankly, $200 might not be enough. If you do find one, it’ll be obsolete in the near future.

Im using a Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Ive googled the price in USD and its approximately 200 so i guess this can go on the list xD

Ive used this phone over 3 years since 2013 and just started IF in December 2015.

My current graphics setting on IF is:
Terrain - High
Airplane - Very High
Water - Low
Antialiasing - Off
Screen Resolution - High
Limit Frame Rate - Checked

My plane count on Live is set to very high too.

I dont have many other games i play so IF takes up most of the space beside music and videos.

I have a habit of launching 1 app at a time, only having Zello turned on when playing Zello live flights. So games generally do not lag, occasionally, 40mins to 1hr flight are dangerous and i risk crashing the app, im not sure if its my phone or what else but i usually keep to 1 long distance flight. My longest flight time at a single time is 1.7hrs continuous and i have about a dozen other 1hr plus flights in my log.

So far this phone has worked for me with a decent screen size to play IF on.

Playing the phone while low on battery or over 1hr flights have a 50% chance of lagging for me, on some good days, everything is smooth especially if there are little people on the region.

I play IF whenever im working and this phone has worked out so well for me. Plus i like drawing too and this phone has a good drawing pad and stylus.


I would advise against a smartphone. Use a tablet preferably an iPad.

Just my opinion I find the experience is much better!


I agree 😊👍


But you look at new phone. hmm, what about LG ? 😊

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I would highly recommend the Nvidia Shield K1 tablet. You get so much performance for such a low price from it - far more bang for your buck than a phone.


Nokia 3310 da best in da world.


Like Stephen said, if you want a tablet, go for the K1 Tablet.

If your the smartphone guy, then get the S7, I heard it runs very smoothly.


Knew that was coming

The iPhone 6 runs IF very smoothly


I actually have a samsung tab 3 but it is not able to play it properly and I created a separate topic for it in support category . So that’s why I want a new smartphone because I thought smartphones are powerful than tablets , and I have a windows phone which has the oldest version of infinite flight and I didn’t buy it ,also if someone could tell me the minimum specs required to play IF like what processor and how much of ram is needed , like that

Thanks for all the help

What operating system does the nvidia shield tab have?

Thanks for the suggestion : )

I have an iPhone 6 with all the graphic settings on max. It looks really good! It is also really smooth as well. I have had no problems at all with IF on this phone.

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I agree got same phone.

But if you can, save up for an 6S. IF runs amazing on it 😊

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