Best Short/Mid haul aircraft

I would say the ERJ 145 to be honest. If you get the 1-2 seating arrangement and sit on the side with one seat. You have a window and an aisle so. A lot of leg room and window if you are flying economy. For Short haul

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757-200 is awesome – powerful and strong, with the capability for (practically) anything. This is probably the only Boeing plane I admire save the 747 and 777.


737 family most of southwest’s flights are short mid haul, and thats all they use.

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meant to say mid haul but it autocorrected itself

I think a poll is needed everyone is giving pretty much the same answers lol

I dont know how to make one mate sorry

  • A320 Family
  • Boeing 737 Family
  • CRJ
  • Bombardier C-Series

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For short-haul

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