Best Short Haul Routes for Scenery

I want to fly short-haul like 60 - 120 minutes short-haul. Does anyone know really good routes for scenery I’ve heard that Juneau to Sea-Tac is good but I want to hear everyone else’s thoughts. Thanks!

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How about Auckland (1 hour 50 minutes) or Wellington (1 hour 15 minutes) to Queenstown? The islands of NZ are beautiful and you have a stunning approach between the mountains into Queenstown.


YBBN-YHLI YHLI has a great approach scenery use Q-link Q400 takes around 1 hour 18 min


Munich (MUC) to Malta (MLA). You start by flying over the alps before going over open ocean into a beautiful small island!

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Flying to/from Almaty, Kazakhstan (UAAA) is amazing! I did a flight from UAAA-VGHS, which is longer than 2 hours, but you fly over the high elevation Taklamakan desert and the Tibetan Plateau. I also flew over the Himalayas at one point. This was about a 4 hour flight, but I’m sure you can find something scenic to/from there. Flying to/from the south would be the best!


PANC to PAJN is also great. Pretty much anywhere in Alaska really. Also, up and down the west coast of the US is really nice, especially the Cascade Mountains.

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KSLC-KSEA is a nice route with a delta plane

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New Zealand has amazing scenery in IF. Definitely the flight i’m doing next!

Alaska’s mountains in Infinite Flight are really nice up at 40,000.

I highly recommend YPGV to YPDN. Takes you over Kakadu National Park in the NT home to twice as many crocs as people! And the beautiful contrast of the desert sand and the crystal clear blue water of the Arafura Sea :)

Flights over the middle of Australia always have the best scenery. Love how the IF team put in Uluru.

Yes, A321 Delta would be good for that route.

fly into Kai Tak. @Jacklcsm
the approach is a lot of fun and quite difficult

Most fun with a MLW 747

yeah, do ZBAA-VHXX for example

The Alps have amazing scenery

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