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I was recently looking for a short haul flight to do and i came across EGLL to EIDW . It was a nice short route just what i was looking for so I decided to fly the route. In my opinion it is a great short haul flight if you dont have a long time to fly.I really enjoyed it so I decided to share it here. Thanks for reading. If you know any other short haul flights please leave your recommendations below thanks.

If you’re looking more short haul flights have a look through here:)

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Thanks For the routes

Welcome Chris! Great that you enjoy Infinite Flight like we do mate.

I usually fly out of EIDW with Aer Lingus for short haul routes: there are plenty. Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam etc.

I may also suggest flying from Dublin or Shannon to Warsaw Modlin with Ryanair.

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Edit: This website has changed recently so we don’t have the random flight option anymore. ( is also another website to check out real life commercial routes. Be sure you press on any airport.

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KSNA to KVAX is a great route! Also any of the SoCal airports to one of the three airports of the west coast of California.

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