Best Settings iPad 2 (Advice)

Good Afternoon Everyone

Loving this Flight Sim and its great community.

Im running the sim on an iPad 2, Would anyone be able to me the best graphic setting to play on to get the most out of the scenery etc?

Thank you for your time


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Welcome to the IFC !

Try and aim for the best graphics possible on your device by toggling the graphic setting from low to very high and compare and then rate the graphics while testing out the amount of lag occurred.


It’s best to use the highest graphics possible but since your device is pretty old, it’ll probably be a bit difficult to achieve that. If you want to avoid lag during your flight, you should apply settings that your device can handle. Just do a bit of trial and error and see what works best. :)

Welcome to the forums, by the way. :)


Thank you for you welcome,

I have a great interest in Aviation, I worked at Cork Airport and Push back driver and always wanted to fly a plane!

Ive tried Microsoft Flight Sim but I dont like it. This Simulator is perfect for me!

Hope to chat again soon



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