Best settings for iPad Mini 1st generation

Hi all,
I have an iPad mini which I play Infinite Flight on and in the middle of my flight, it keeps saying settings are too high. What should I put the settings on so I can have good graphics and avoid that message.

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Best setting is to sell it and get a newer one. Sorry buddy… I have a Mini 2nd generation and it sucks in IF…I can only imagine the 1st gen is barely usable.


Its alright, just the graphics make it suck.

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Not sure if you play live, but even if you manage to put the lowest possible setting, as soon as you are on a place with a bit more traffic the app will start crashing.


My dad doesn’t let me have live. Says I have to wait for my birthday or Christmas.

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Hi there! To avoid that error message, go to settings, select graphic and try to change everything to low… However, as the iPad Mini 1 is a quite old device, I would consider upgrading it to a better device. :)


Many threads regarding these topics already , you will find a whole host of wealth of information regarding your question by using the search bar ( magnifying glass icon ) to ask your question …



Honestly, just don’t care about that message.
I have a Mini 1, and it sucks.
If it feels laggy, lower the settings.


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