[Best Server Award] 2015

Hello! There’s is award of the best server 2015!

Advanced Server
The best server to fly seriously, with a mature and professional level

ATC Playground
The best server to begin ATC operations and a good server for all IF pilots.

Free Flight Server
Free… Flight… Server… The only server where you can find a lot of funny pilots and group flights.
Go to KHAF to see the firsts hours of new pilots!

You have 1 week to vote! What server do you prefer?

  • Advanced Server
  • ATC Playground
  • Free Flight Server

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The winner will get a big event. I will try to bring 100 aircrafts in a same region!

Who follow me?

Thank you for voting!


As of date, the Free Server has 0% vote, I wonder why.
I do think its time to tighten up on Advance Server qualifications or provide a server that caters to more serious IF pilots.

Uhhhh Olympic server? 😂😜


I like the name.

You know it’s a real server right?

No, I didn’t know you were referring to an actual server.
What were the requirements for that server? Never heard of it or seen it.

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It is for pilots and teams who participate in the IF Olympics.

You won’t see the server unless you are registered.

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You Had to pre register…it’s for Olympic events and such. If you haven’t heard of the Olympics you must live under a rock 😂😜😜


I just read the site details, thank you. @cordes
By the way, I actually attended a real Olympic event before. Sorry I didn’t know about the Infinite Flight Olympic event.

And after reading about the last two Olympic EVENTS that were held. I’m not sure correlating an IF registered event with a discussion on a server that requires a high skill set is talking about the same thing.
In other words apples and oranges.

I was simply referring to a server that requires IF pilots to fly more seriously (realistically).
The one thing that can happen realistically on IF is Pilots fying Seriously.
Getting a little tired of folks flying at crazy Mach speeds above 10k while flying a 737. Or doing 250 kts on final approach.
You get my drift.

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I was half kidding lol. What do you mean they don’t correlate? I’m confused :/


This is a clear answer… The advanced server!

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An event server and an advance servers are two different things. I’m all for events, that’s cool. the advance server has nothing to do with specific events, it’s based on a qualification they have no correlation or a related connection.
That’s what I meant.

No worries, we both needed clarity.

The Playground server seems to have a higher capacity than the advanced:

PG 35% = 80 Aircraft
ADV 6% = 4 Aircraft

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I wonder who would vote for Free Flight…

Yes, I’ve noticed PG server is usually or mostly busier than the Adv server.
Some IF pilots enjoy flying around a large quantity of other aircraft. While on Adv server the assumption is quality of pilots is greater thus giving a more realistic experience.

I usually perfer advance but the other day I was followed in my 717 by a 747, Space Shuttle edition. And then the 747 proceeded to fly through me while trying to match my speed so that he could be right in front of me. I almost rage quit. He couldn’t keep up so then he raced to the airport to land. Total advance server disappointment.

This was in the Hawaii region. There was only two planes in the entire region, me and him.

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That’s for sure XD. From the threads for each country to the awesome private server:) Sadly I am not in the IF Olympics, but I do have access to the special server to spectate:)

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its a real server yes, but the people only fly for olympic and they’re not open to everybody.
Of course, with your argument, i could have add the whole “Friday Night Flight” server.

I hope the next IFO event :)

So why atc playground more pilots than advanced server ?

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