Best Seats on A330-200 & 737-800

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In two months time I’m going on a trip to Melbourne and Sydney from Perth with Virgin Australia. Since I’m flying economy I wanted to know the best spots (window) on both A330-200 (PER-MEL) and 737-800 (MEL-SYD) aircraft, which will allow me to get some good photos of the engine and wing. I know from business seats you can usually see the fan blades, but are there any seats like that in economy.

This site will help you a ton:

It gives details about each seat, as well as customer reviews, so you know what you are getting.
Also, Denver to search the web before asking here. Thanks.
Hope you find a good seat!


I’ve looked at that site before, but it seems to lack information imao. Like theres a lot of seats without information

It gives enough. You are not going to find exact details on every seat, because just about all economy seats are the same. It tells you if it’s bad, plus the costumer reviews help too.

If that doesn’t help, I am not sure what will. I have not flown every single seat in a Virgin Australia jet, and I doubt anyone else has, so I don’t know.


Its not about the legroom and all that. I just wanted to know from peoples past flights, where they were able to get a good view of the aircraft’s wings/engines like from seat X1 or Y4 etc. Different window seats have different views , regardless of the airline, I just wanted to know from peoples experience on the 738 at 332 where was good. Because different people have flown in different seats in the same aircraft allowing me to know wheres the best.

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It’s pretty self explanatory weather you’ll be able to see the wing from the view you’re given on the website.

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Exit row seats on the 738


For the 738 any seats on the wing or just behind. Some that are on the engine are pretty nice! As for the a330 IDK.

Leg room is best on any exit row.

Leg room is better in the cockpit. 😉


On the Boeing 737 I personally like the a window seat behind the wing. Just like what I said before, a seat like 20 A or 20 F has half of the wing in the shot and half of the shot of the outside scenery ;)

I don’t really like a seat in next engine because it doesn’t make a good shot. The engine covers the whole shot. If you get a seat in front of the engine, it will be hard to film since you have to tile everything back to capture scenery and the wing shot ;)

In my opinion, if you fly the B737, I suggest you get a window seat from rows 17-21.

Here is a view on a United 737-900 seat 26A (On the 737-800 it would be equivalent to about rows 19-21)


Around a few months ago I flew Virgin Australia from Brisbane to Melbourne on a 738. Coincidently I picked the seat 9A during check in not knowing that it was literally the only seat on the plane with no window. 😭😭

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Thank you! This is the response I wanted !!!


Are there any economy seats where you can see the engine fan blades on either aircraft? Or can you only see them in business

@infiniteOwen your preference of seat is seeing the fanblades?

And yes there is definitely economy seats where you can see the engine fan blades. It looks like you are flying Virgin Australia which only has 2 rows of first class :)

If you want to see the fanblades, I suggest you get a seat in rows 3-4 (maybe 5 but a bit risky though). They are positioned in front of the engine so you can probably see the engine fan blades from there. I have never had a seat infront of the engine so I wouldn’t know exactly but it makes scenes

Good luck on finding a good seat and I hope this helped you :)

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I was just on a flight today with the same seat maybe as you.

Hahaha nice 👌 I was seated at 26A. Maybe your seat was acouple of seats in front of mine? And also as that at ORD 😂😂😊

I was Seat 24 lol. I was also at KEWR

Do you reckon the left side or right side is better for views?

Would row 10 work for me in my case with the A330?