Best Seat in the House // Seat 27E // 717-200 // KATL-KHOU

Welcome to the best seat in the house on the 717-200 as we make our way from Atlanta to Houston.

Flight Details

Server: Expert
Flight Time: 1:47
Aircraft: 717-200
Airline: Delta Air Lines
Callsign: Delta 1322

Boarding the legendary 717-200, heading to my seat 27E

Lining up on runway 8R for departure

Engines spooling up

Rocketing out of Atlanta 15 minutes late due to technical difficulties

The raw power of those Rolls-Royce BR715 engines

Cruising at 36,000 feet as the sun goes down

We are now on final approach into Houston

Greasing the landing in Houston

The extremely loud reverse thrust doing its job

Disembarking the aircraft

Welcome to Houston! Thanks for flying with me!

I encourage you to check this video out if you haven’t already
Delta 717-200 // Realistic Departure @ KATL




Nah, that just means his V/S was below -2500 at the moment of touchdown!

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Yo, sweet! The 717 is a pretty neat aircraft…

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@Cooper_Marcukaitis thanks

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@KTJ_Mitchell and @Pingu lol. The landing was actually good for a 717. It was bettween -400 and -300 so I’ll take it

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Wow, nice shots of you taking the best seat 27E. Realistic Delta flight to Houston it is

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@Udeme_Ekpo thank you

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