Best screenshots

Hello everyone!
Today i wanted to ask you about your best screenshots in flight. Tell us about your flight and mayby share a picture or replay.Please fill in each section.

  1. Background to the photos

  2. Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route

  3. Photos

  1. Backround Paris Charles

  2. flight: Paris to Seuol
    Time: 20:56


Make sure the HUD isn’t visible but overall nice photo

Ye. @Gm2kmike20do you have any nice photos

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I do PM me if you want them

G’day, this basically defeats the purpose of the #screenshots-and-videos category, we much prefer people to post a topic than make a thread for everyone to post in.

Please only post your best photos

So from that statement everyone already has to post their best shots and which will will find some amazing ones looking through #screenshots-and-videos. Also as stated above please make sure the HUD, systems and all that jazz aren’t in the picture. Also if the title is Smooth Landings then way are you departing? That’s the complete opposite to landing. Have a nice morning, day, evening or night.


@Sebastian1 I like the picture! It’s a nice shot, especially with the sun in the background.

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I’m going to back @Qantas094, he is simply stating the purpose of the category to the OP, and he is correct in what he says.

There’s no “I think” or “probably”, his comments are backed by fact.

@Sebastian1 that’s a great image, just remember in future each individual #screenshots-and-videos is supposed to comprise of your own images. The old public images thread was closed and the new category introduced for this reason. In future, keep the topic to just your own images 😁


Hey, that’s a great screenshot! To remove the HUD, when you go into replay, whenever you want to take your picture press the camera icon in the bottom right. Have a great day!

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This would be a awesome shot if you go into replay and take it with the 4K screenshot feature.

That replay is deleted and i that is the only picture from the flight. Sorry

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Well you could just crop out the HUD