Best Scenic short haul routes

Meanwhile being stuck in training server I wanted to find like short haul flights like having mountains and stuff and the flight must be like less than 1 hour or something (sorry if its a duplicate) any suggestions?

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I can recommend EDDF-LOWI! Around 45min of flight time and a stunning approach.


If u land at Zurich coming from the south
(Nice) for example you have a very senic journey over the tallest alps mountains and it’s a steep approach landing runway 34 which is fun

Guaranteed Hong Kong - Okinawa.

You fly over Taiwan, and the approach is looks really cool, because of the colour of the sea, islands, etc. Also, just approaching 27L/R in Hong Kong International is really cool, because you fly over Kowloon and you can see Hong Kong Island.

This topic can include island hopping aswell

Try some from AYPY a nice area

Any route to Sofia has a amazing mountain approach

Well, IRL they don’t do straight-in approaches into 34 due to altitude restrictions over the mountains, so you’d fly overhead, join the left downwind and fly back to establish on the ILS at 5000ft. Or you just land on 14 as most planes do during a normal day :)

Yeah Ik but it’s fun n e way : )

Vienna to Innsbruck

I would recommend LEPA, love that airport!


You can fly it with a C208 or TBM930, and it will most likely take you about 5 minutes. The Tahitian Islands are the best!

Sorong to Jayapura / WASS-WAJJ
combination like Pacific island hopping on mid flight, and Swiss alps scenery when approaching WAJJ.
Just take around 50-60 minute (ish). For realism use Garuda CRJ-1000 any livery.

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