Best scenic routes/regions?

Hey guys! Super bored currently, long night at work… I was hoping some of yall have some really beautiful scenic routes I could try out! I want to get some good pictures that maybe could go as my new desktop screen :) Thanks in advance!

Hi Apollo!

One of my definite favourite routes that I’ve been a passenger on IRL & flown within Infinite Flight is Auckland to Queenstown in New Zealand.

You can fly the classic A320 with the stunning Air New Zealand livery and get a glance of some absolute breathtaking scenery flying from the north to the south Island, really is a great & unique flight!

Here’s a video of an approach into Queenstown to provide some perspective:

For some more routes, I’d definitely recommend to check out this topic, it contains a huge variety of routes across the globe that the community have recommended:

Hope you manage to find a great flight! 🙌


If you’re looking for long haul, a great route to do is EDDF-ZBAA on the Lufthansa 747-8. If you’re looking for a short haul, a great route to fly is KSEA-PAJN.

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That looks amazing! Thank you so much for the suggestion! Definitely will have to fly it!

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Awesome! Thanks for the suggestion, ill be sure to check it out! Love the 747 and Lufthansa’s livery!

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I’ve recently discovered how nice Northern Africa’s scenery is! Mountains, oceans, lakes and desert, it’s absolutely beautiful. Maybe take an EgyptAir 737 somewhere, or even maybe a Emirates 777 to Morocco or something, just some suggestions :) Obviously New Zealand is stunning as well ;)

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Hey. I would recommend a GA flight in Ireland, specifically Donegal, EIDL (which was voted the worlds most scenic approach a few years back) and is featured in MFS2020 as a handcrafted airport!

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Do a Rio De Janeiro approach its truly so stunning flew there from London Heathrow and was so amazed by the mountains coming into landing🛫


My personal recommendation would be in the China/Middle East area. A flight from ZBAA or ZSPD to somewhere in Europe would result in you going over some fantastic scenery. (Sorry if I’m a bit late.)

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The Andes south of Santiago, Chile are stunning as well. You can take a LATAM 787 down to Punta Arenas.

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Flying north of Seattle is really nice if you like snow and mountains And the Bahamas is also really nice

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I would have to say CYKA-CYVR is very beautiful, here is a link to some screenshots I got from it.

CYKA-CYVR the most beautiful flight

Try flying anywhere in the Alps. I personally noticed some very nice views when overflying from Italy towards the US.
Thus, Austria, Swizerland, Northern Italy and Southeastern France are your areas of intrest

Wow! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :)

Central Africa is more mountainous than you would expect. Sprinkle some fog and, due to it’s high elevation, it is absolutely amazing! Here are some stills from the ETVA commercial which I shot there:

Touchdown at FZNA

Departure out of HAAB

Approach to HABD

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The other day, I did about an hour roundabout of Yellowstone National Park. Took off from and landed at KJAC. It’s very scenic and it almost almost makes for the fact that I’ve never been to Yellowstone in person!

Just missing the bison is all 😜

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In my opinion, a very scenic route is KSEA (Seattle Tacoma Airport) to PAJN (Juneau Airport). I would say Juneau to Anchorage but that route flies north of the 60 degree latitude line so there aren’t mountains. I would use an Alaska 738 for this route.

u should really try flying around Iceland
u will like it

or try the grand canyon
u should try departing from KGCN

Colorado,California,Washington State and Hawaii is some of the beautiful regions CA,CO and WA has mountains and high terrain in US just to name a few

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