Best Samsung tablet for flying

Hello! I am along time user of infinite flight ben flying since 2015. I was wondering what is the best samgsung tablet for infinite that would last a long time after many updates. I currently have a Samgsung Galaxcy Note 9 and would like a bigger screen because the live cockpits are too hard to see. Does anyone have any recommendations?


That thread will have the information for Samsung Galaxy devices, take a look. We aren’t sure of your budget, so that’s up to you.

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My budget is from $800 to $1000 usd. Also want an easy way to screen share it to my laptop for streaming

Will this work?

Get the S6 then, you’ll have money for whatever accessories you could possibly want.

However, you could play it smart and wait a little bit longer. If the S6 release schedule is anything to go by, Samsung may well announce the Tab S7 at the end of July.

Ok, will i be able to get a solid arround 60fps when all the updates come out?

As a Tab S6 owner I can confirm you will love it. My only complaints are that Samsung’s default gaming settings kinda suck for IF and you have to change some things and the pixel density isn’t the greatest so you’ll notice some jagged edges even with anti-aliasing on.

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To add onto Ian’s post, the Tab S6 is basically a giant S10. It has basically the same hardware (Snapdragon) and should feel faster than your note 9 not to mention the increase in screen size. Samsung Rex should allow you to use if on a much bigger screen if you have the ability to set that up.


Thanks for the help!

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You could get a more powerful iPad for that…

Both feature requests were closed, which means they’ll come in the future

Well he did ask for a Samsung, assuming that he doesn’t want IOS and prefers Android.


no, i do not use apple. i dont like there os.


Oh I see :)

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