Best RWA Photos!

Post all your good RWA Photos here, no using others photos, only yours.
I can’t post a picture right now, the internet is playing up.

What in the actual heck @Aussie_Cockatoo what happened to waiting a few days huh


Hold up, on the other thread of the same nature, you said it must be closed, but then you turn around and make one of your own? This is very hypocritical, and doesn’t make much sense. Also, listen to what NEO said on the old thread:

Moral, dedicated threads are ok, no need for one huge thread.


That was others photos and combined both IF and RWA.

Sorry to join in and critisize but you did say a day or two, then create one a few minutes later
@moderators dicision

@Aussie_Cockatoo I think you’re hungry for the attention and likes. This is not the way to do it buddy. 🙄 You’re being hypocritical based on the comments from the other closed thread.


So what happened to waiting a few days

I didn’t know 2 days already passed


Oh bam you just got exposed^^^
Better luck next time bud!

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@moderators what do you say? This isn’t against the guidelines. Why would it be closed.

It’s not to be fair to you, but it would if you posted some photos of your own when making the thread. Let’s just hold off on this until we can manage to start some sort of thread without another arguement erupting.

Some of you really need to learn to just flag threads without confronting others and causing a scene. It’s starting to annoy me.