Best RWA Photo Contest! [AND THE WINNERS ARE...]

So there already have been topics on the best RW photos, but I want to do a contest for the spotters and photographers in the community. Please vote for the photo below that you think is the best. Voting will close on Friday, August 3 at 9:00 ET.

Polling Is Now Open!

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Option 10

Option 11

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Polling Is Now Open!

  • Golden hour tail photo of international flights at KMCO. (1)
  • A Frontier A320 taxis while a Southwest 737 flies over. (2)
  • An Emirates A380 special livery absolutely buttering on 13L at JFK. (3)
  • Took this flying in my club’s Schweizer 1-34 a few weeks ago. (4)
  • BOE247 Arrives at KPAE after a long day of pattern work and testing. (5)
  • MD-88 at FLL. (6)
  • I was on vacation and saw this plane. (7)
  • This was taken at LBA on the 3rd of July 2018. (8)
  • A 737 that belongs to the USAF based at Scott AFB decided to do some pattern work at Lambert when I went spotting. (9)
  • An Air Canada 737 Max 8 rocketing out of CYUL as the sun sets. (10)
  • Blue Angel’s flying at NAS Penscola with a show. Caught them in formation flight going over the runway. 1,3,4,5 number planes are in the picture. (11)
  • Qatar 777 flying into JFK (12)
  • A Eurofighter Typhoon FGR.4 of the Royal Air Force landing at RAF Lossiemouth. (13)

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Thanks for voting!


Is it from only when you went spotting or can you send one that was taken at the airport

Either one is fine. It does not matter where is was taken.


Hot air balloons are included right? You will get some amazing shots from me this weekend… #IWillWin

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As long as JRR doesn’t see this and get the Emirates 777, we all might be good! 😂😂

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Got a lot of good pics on my trip to Seattle… gotta pick 1

Also… for my IFC name I put @alexsmith and that is wrong I meant @alex_smith is that Ok

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If I pay you 2 bitcioin, will I win? Or do I actually have to pay 20 bitcoin to buy a private jet and take my own pic?

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Here he comes 😂😂😂


If anyone has any photos they would like to enter, please do! There are four days left that entries are accepted.

You need to upload it on the forum which is linked at the top as it in ment to be anonymous

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Oh, sorry!!! I will do that

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The focus on the Air Canada is stunning, i always love those type of photos, so im giving my vote to the people from the north!


the frontier plane with the southwest plane taking off is my favorite, even though i am not a fan of either of those airlines.

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or is it landing? im not sure

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