Best routes to fly in global which will take you under 2hrs to fly

Tbh i am a very lazy guy and dislikes long routes so i usually do short ones so i was hoping some of u could give me some routes which i can under 2hr. Thanks


I would be very surprised if you can’t find what you’re looking for in this topic.


NZAA - NZQN Is a good route


Check out the suggested routes topic ;)

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Check the suggested route topic. Otherwise, KSFO-KLAX is a good flight

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Well, to be fair there isn’t a gigantic selection in the suggested routes topic.

I suggest KJFK - TXKF. The decent into Bermuda is beautiful! (It might be just over 2h irl, but if you catch a tailwind you could probably get there faster)

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I went slightly over 2hrs but normally in IF the flights are done slightly more faster then IRL.

Vancouver (CYVR) - Portland (KPDX), nice green views of the northwest of America. 1 hour 10 minutes

London (EGKK) - Algiers (DAAG), from the ice cold U.K. to the never ending desert of Africa. 2 hour 40 minutes

Dubai (OMDB) - Karachi (OPKC), iconic Emirates route crossing the Gulf of Oman. 2 hours 0 minutes

Sydney (YSSY) - Auckland (NZAA), travel between these two beautiful cities that have never ending natural beauties. 2 hours 55 minutes

Seoul (RKSI) - Tokyo (RJAA), fly between the two capitals of the Far East Asia with breathtaking views and a unpredictable climate. 2 hours 5 minutes


All routes in west Europe are ussually 2 hours or slightly more

YBBN to YBHM is an amazing route to fly in a Dash-8

Love the plans,peace be upon you!

DEN-MSO. Fly the ILS Z for 13, best approach Ive flown thus far.

My favorites are:

Denver (KDEN) to Salt Lake City (KSLC): 1hr05m flight time
Taipei Taoyuan (RCPT) to Hong Kong (VHHH): 1hr20m flight time
Shenzhen Bao’an (SGSZ) to Taipei Taoyuan (RCPT): 1hr 20m
Seoul Incheon (RKSI) to Beijing Capital (ZBAA): 1hr 30m flight time
Las Vegas (KLAS) to San Francisco (KSFO): 50 min flight time
Shanghai Pudong (ZSPD) to Beijing Capital (ZBAA): 1hr 30m flight time

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KDEN-KABQ - 1 hour
KISP-KMYR - 1 hour
KMIA-TNCM - 1 hour

KAUS-KDAL in a Southwest 737-700. 1 hour. 300 kilometers

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