Best regional jet model

A CRJ is a type of regional jet (RJ). No?

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It is. Except for the E-Series and the Dash 8, you were referring to other CRJ’s?

it could also be a transatlantic plane I use it for that :p

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You cross the atlantic with Q400? Headwind or Tailwind, does it matter or is it capable of crossing either way?

My question was about any type of regional jet in the game. I’ve only tried the CRJ so far, but curious about the E-Series and Dash 8 as well.

Tailwind. I can go an hour or two past London if I wanted to. Climb to FL300 at 1k from and you will make it

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Haven’t tried going the other way yet but I probably could make it

Make sure you start at St John’s and have max fuel

But are you able to fly let’s say with tailwind from LHR to JFK?

There aren’t tailwinds when flying from LHR to JFK.


That I am not sure of

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The other way around, sorry, confused them both xD

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I managed to do London to Orlando in a CCX

I like the rough handling 😂

You like it when it’s rough 😂😂


I like rough landings, they’re fun! Normal landings are boring!

Yea ok, i like when it goes fast but smooth but hey, yours sound interesting 😂

Yeah. I like the rear positioning of the engines like on the CRJ as well. It’s soo beautiful!!

It’s unique i would say. Not many aircraft has it positioned in the rear like that.
The 727 does which is the one that comes to my mind first when thinking about the type of airframes.

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I’d have to go with the ERJ 175 on this! Everything about it just brings me to the edge of my seat!

Just did my first flight on the ERJ-175. Short hop from KMIA to KEYW. I was surprised by how much of a difference there is in the handling from the CRJ-200. Gonna have to try a few more flights before I can decide which one I like better!