Best regional jet model

What is currently the best / your favorite regional jet to fly in the game?

I’ve been flying the CRJ-200 quite a bit, but looking to try out some of the other RJs.


You should wait for the CRJ update! Lots of awesome planes and liveries coming! :)

See: Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)

But other than that… I love flying the CCX and the ERJ 175


Might want to rethink what you just said.


Right now the ERJ 175 is my favorite but… that could change any moment ;)

Edit: Didn’t know the Q400 was a regional, i change my mind xD

They’re all terrible except for the Q400. That’s the only one I use if I ever do a regional flight.


I also prefer the ERJ models. (At the moment). Hope they get reworked soon ;)


Wait… is the Q400 considered a regional jet? I’m changing my opinion about which regional is my favorite, if that’s the case? XD

Call me stupid if you want… But i didn’t know :(

Jet wise, Bombardier CRJ700/900 nextgen series(that is coming out soon hopefully).
Turboprop wise, Bombardier Dash8 Q400 nextgen.


Just read article now about the Q400, and combined with your post, i now understand, thanks :)
I feel stupid for not knowing that 😅

Nice. Haven’t tried any of the ERJs yet. I think I’ll try the 175 on my next flight.

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That’s awesome that they’re updating the CRJs! The current version does seem a bit clunky compared to some of the larger jets, but I’m mostly chalking that up to being new to flying in IF.

I’ll be keeping an eye on your update thread.

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What am I missing here? Is my question not clear enough?

I’ve flown it once and the physics felt a little bit weird, i think i’ll stick to the Q400 when it comes to region aircraft.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned the Boeing 717! That one Is probably my favorite aircraft in the entire game.

It’s physics are dreadful though.


Apparently that’s to reflect how the aircraft handles in the real world. Seems fine to me.

The CRJ-200 is in Infinite Flight

Yeah it’s the real physics it has irl… why I would never want to pilot it haha

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Yes, I was talking about the RJ’s with the CRJ claim. Still might even be a while before the actual RJ’s are released.

I like the Q400 as prop, and the CCX as a jet