Best region to pick

Im taking my practical today, and was wondering what the most exciting and popular regions. I like somewhere where it has lots of traffic like KLAX, except not that much because that would be hard to control alone.

Please leave your suggestion below so I can get an idea of what region to choose.

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I’d suggest choosing any region you like! You can change every 30 days

In any region you choose, you have access to thousands of airports, from something absolutely tiny, to some of the largest international airports out there! When you open an airport, you’re the attraction wherever you are, as pilots prefer to choose an airport with ATC.

People generally have chosen their own regions for a bit of self comfort and being able to control the airports they know and love. Every region has its own community within the IFATC group, and its own special perks, virtual airline interests, events, and is just nice to cooperate and work with others wherever you choose!


Yeah when people are flying and see that that airport has ATC, they go there.

Exactly, so wherever you want to create traffic, whether common or diverse is completely at your hands anywhere in the world! 😀

I find the east coast to be fun. You could get something busier like IAD one day, or something smaller like Richmond another day.

I would start in the actual region you live. Makes it more personal and entertaining.

I like USA west because it countians 4 3D airports and fewer controllers than Europe West. I also like USA East because KJFK traffic blows up when ATC open.

Nice, I might go USA west then

I’d say that you should hold off on your decision until you become an IFATC Specialist. When you first join as an IFATC Apprentice, you’ll be able to open any class charlie airports in the world, unbounded by the region restrictions. I’d say that in that time you should choose different places and control to get a feel for the region and for the pilots in the area.

It’s not easy to give you a definitive region since every controller has different reasons to persue a region, like some people like traffic, hence why they choose to go to regions like US East or EU West. However, other people may have different agendas. Perhaps they want to control in as many regions as they wish, so they choose various regions.

Not to mention that when you do pick a region, remember that you aren’t 100% bounded by the region. Every Tuesdays are free days, where you’d be free to open anywhere in the world for 24 hours, and Friday Night Flights are open to regions regardless of their region assignment.


I really love your response, thanks. I feel like im ready for my practical but I am nervous that I’ll screw it up. Im doing good on my practices on my ATC thread… Getting good feedback frequently.

If you pass your practical you immediately become an IFATC apprentice. With that you can’t pick a region so you can explore any airport around the world, that is class Charlie. Once you pass your check ride to become an IFATC specialist you can pick your region which you stay with for 30 days.

This might sound a bit cheesy but once you become a Specialist you first enter a phase called the checkride phase. During this phase you could literally open up any airport anywhere in the world! The world is yours :) I’d say once you reach this phase you should experiment on opening various airports around the world and see which region you like best and base your decision off that!

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US east

Some regions are far more popular than others, and I think the ones in the US are the most popular. If you want to generate traffic, I suggest you choose one of the North American regions. I also suggest you explore once in a while since some places with highly underrated scenery might get featured. psst psst this is why NZQN and URSS were added in 3D I highly suggest controlling in Africa, for example.