Best planes to buy in Infinite Flight! (For beginners)

Best planes to buy!

Some of the best planes to buy if you’re new to infinite flight is a simple Cirrus or a Cessna 208. These are just simple planes that you should get the hang of within 5 minutes! exaggeration (recommend get used to the auto pilot first before you move to any bigger aircraft)

If you are not a Cessna type of person then a A320 or a 787 is a good way to go! This is because there nice and easy to fly! The reason I’d say a 787 is because the beautiful wing flex gives it such an easy, satisfying feeling!

Any other suggestions for beginners? Let them know below! lol that rhymed


For beginners, I suggest the A320 family, 737-800, and the ERJ family.


I highly recommend getting the basics down on the freebie aircraft. It may not look like much variety, but the fleet offerings are pretty diverse. I recommend learning how to hand fly with the 172 for a little while, then move on to the big fancy haulers. When it came time to buy, the 777 was extremely new pilot friendly in my opinion. Of course, if you have the means go for Live +.


I think smaller planes to bigger planes is a great idea for pilot training. I recommend the A318 for the first purchase plane😗😊👍🏻👍🏻

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this bad boy


Definitely not a wide body jet, the A320 family or the 737NG

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A320, easy to fly and has auto pilot and autoland

Probaly the ERJ 190 as you already start with the A321 and the 737-700.

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A318 or 787-8 , but really easy and smooth planes

C172 is the best choise for beginners, hope would be nice to see more C172. 🙃

A318 because easy controls,autoland and great liveries(Avianca,British Airways,Tarom)

A319/320 because it really gives you a feel for a standard passenger jet. It really comes down to your livery preferences. I went with the A319 for Air Canada.

Do not do 737s yet a320 and 787 give you a smoother ride. Once your an experienced pilot (like me) you will get the feel of flying the 737.

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The Q400 is really easy for me but apparently not for beginners.

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In IF GA aircraft are actually the hardest to fly IMO, the mark of a true pilot.

But for a beginner I’d go A320 series (not the 318 tho)


I would say b737 . It was My first plane I have flown in IF alone as full flight. But I had practiced with 747 before…

737-800/900 can be hard for beginners i would recommend the 737-700 as your first jet beginner aircraft.

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Yes, agreed.

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I would say start out with freebies, A321 and the caravan (Cessna 208) are good starters, the 737 can be alittle harder to land than the A320 until your used to it, and getting the glide slope and flair down on landing. Also the Dash-8 is a great plane, flys beautifully and looks great.

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I started out with the citation x. Very easy to fly, easy to correct mistakes on. Has a good ceiling and cruising speed.