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Hey, I was wondering what the best plane for short hauls is. A lot of people say the 737, but that is too common in Infinite Flight. If any of you could tell me your best thoughts on the aircraft, I would appreciate it.


The CRJ family is a great short haul aircraft to fly in, it is a very common sight in America and is used by many American Airlines to serve their long haul needs. It is also a very new addition to Infinite Flight (as you probably know), so it has all the latest features IF has to offer on an aircraft.


Thanks. When I first flew the Crj-200, I got frustrated with my landings. I haven’t flown it in a while, but I know I can do it.

I remember flying the CRJ-200 when it had no livery in thought. It was a united express livery. The only one.

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Same here, I don’t fly it much, i find it hard to land to, but I know from experience that if you fly a plane over and over again on IF, you will eventually master it.

Have fun bro, if you want need any help in the future, or just someone to chat with, you can PM me 👍

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The Airbus A320 family also good for short hauls, especially you’ll enjoy with A318.


I’m a Dash 8 person, but the A319 is also fun for me😉


For me, B737-700 is still the best even though there are a lot here in IF.
fully load capacity and easy to control the aircraft as same as real life :D

I know I’m gonna get a lot of hate for this but…
I really like the E175 and the Q400.


@Mavic It’s the same in real life. You just gota keep flying a plane to master it. It took me a few years to be pretty good at flying the Cessna 172 IRL

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That’s so cool bro, I have had the privilege of landing a Cessna 172 once, I found it very hard, but yeah, practice does pay off eventually

Did you happen to have a heavy crosswind when you were landing the 172? Because a crosswind is the downfall of that aircraft. It is a very light aircraft and it just gets pushed around by the wind horribly

Nah, my 17 year old friend knew it was a very clam day, so he asked me if I wanted to land her and i did not hesitate XD

Nice. They are just very finicky aircraft to begin with. The lightest touch can do wonders for that aircraft.

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For my VA, i only fly Vueling or Iberia a320’s now, the plane is awesome to fly, simple and easy controls and just entirely beautiful over the Spanish skies!

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