Best plane to use for 10+ hour flights?

I am planning to fly from London to Australia nonstop and I am thinking of a plane to use and currently I cannot choose as I lack knowledge of the fuel capacities of every plane in the game so I would like a recommendation of a plane I could use to fly this long-haul journey.

The 787-9 will make the London-Perth route with ease.


I would use the 787-9 as suggested above. If you need something bigger, go for the 777-200LR and 777-300ER.

Happy flying.

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This is what you are looking for :

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It really depends on where you’re trying to go in Australia. A lot of aircraft in the IF fleet are capable of EGLL-YSSY if that’s what you’re going for. Just keep in mind that range depends heavily on your weight and balance. ^Adding to the above, any 787 variant can make it (the -8 is the longest range) along with the 777, A380 and 747-8 (I haven’t flown other variants but they can probably make it to). If you’re just going for EGLL-YPPH then the list of possible aircraft expands considerably. Lmk what you end up going with for the flight. PM me if you’re interested in flight plans to get there. Cheers 🦅

The 787 is the best aircraft to fly ultra/long haul flights.

787 in IF and real life! :)

777-200LR has the longest range

Any wide body aircraft in the sim can do it depending on the weight. Choose one that you enjoy flying or most experienced with. If you have ForeFlight you can take a lot of the guess work out of planning your flight and you will know how much fuel needs to be on board.

Enjoy the flight!!
Rob O

Boeing 777 Family can fly 20+ hours and also Boeing 787, Airbus A380.
But I strongly recommend flying with a Boeing 777. Especially if flying with B777-200ER, that plane can fly over 26 hours in one flight. Even I have plans to fly for more than 26 hours with the B777-200ER

Thanks to all that gave their recommendations. Due to the high amount of requests I shall use the 787-9.

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Would suggest that you you simbrief to help plan your route with the right fuel, step climbs etc.


Well like many said, the 787-9 is the plane to use for a Europe to Australia flight, but most other wide bodies can make a 10+ hour flight. The ones I can think of of the top of my head is the A380, A330, A340, 777 family, 787 family, 747, 737BBJ and perhaps a light 757 or 767

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