Best plane spotting spot EHAM

Hey everyone,
I am planning to go plane spotting tomorrow @ EHAM, its my first time spotting there, so was wondering if any frequent spotters know where the best spot is at.


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The EHAM Spotter Guide is a great place to find places you’d like to spot at! @Infinite_Qantas is a spotter at EHAM and I’m sure he’d be able to provide some spots too!


Damn, didn’t know Amsterdam had this many spots lol, seems like a very spotter friendly airport.


There are many spots around EHAM.
Depending on runway use.

The main spotters area is next to runway 36L/18R.
It is closed at the moment due to road construction!
The runway is unreachable from the 36L side.

It looks like the spotters area will be reachable tomorrow (Monday) and construction will continue on Tuesday.
Not sure though.

Between the approach lights at the 18R side is an option.
From there you can walk along almost the entire runway.

Another good spot is next to runway 27 at the McDonald’s.

The Panorama Terrace at Schiphol Plaza has great views as well.

Most other spots are harder to reach and don’t allow parking.

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Thank yoh all

Hello! I am a regular spotter at Schiphol and as it is a 2h drive for me to get there I usually take a look at the spotters guide you can find at This site also has a forum where you can find the special airplanes coming in. I also suggest to install the app ‘Baangebruik Schiphol’ which you can find in your appstore or Google Play Store. This app gives you realtime information about which runway is in use.

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