Best plane spotting locations at Burbank?

I would like to know the best plane spotting locations at Burbank I’ve tried the parking lot, the foot locker and this video has one but I can’t find the location

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Just need a location please, also the mods shouldn’t put others higher

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Credit to YouTuber: Watkins 895

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Need some spotting locations

Just look on a map, or go to the airport and ask around🤷🏻‍♂️ Just a friendly suggestion:)) But @BennyBoy_Alpha is right:)

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Never mind just the suggestion, IFC has to be fixed and be nice because I never felt welcomed or anything and mods never cared so forgot them


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Guys, the guy is asking for locations where to spot. Not like he’s posting an actual spotting topic. He just put the video as reference. Instead of the mod-like posts why not actually help him? Send him a PM if you see anything wrong.

Anyways, @Helicopterzzz, I found this article where it shows some good places to spot in Los Angeles (including Burbank) you should take a look there!

Apparently there is a spot on top (top floor) of the carpark outside the terminal which provides some nice views for spotting. You should check that area out! Though apparently it seems you’ve tried that already.


BravoCharlie provided you with a nice link, thank you! Please remember that this community isn’t Google. It’s a very simple search and you’ll find a list of perfect spotting locations 😊