Best Plane Spotting Camera

What’s the best plane-spotting camera in your opinion? My opinion it’s the Nikon D750. I got it done christmas and it’s just amazing.

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Personally, I use a Canon Rebel XS with a Tamron SP 70-300mm lens. The price of the camera itself can vary, however, I’ve seen lenses like mine as low as $90 USD - typically, they range around $300 USD.

PSA: Your phone does not count as a camera.


I just got the D5600 and am getting a Tamron 150-600 mm

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I use the Canon EOS 2000D with a Tamron 70-300mm lens (EF-Mount). It works great for me, but the lens has no stabilization and therefore the footage can be rough sometimes.

I would argue that the D500 is better than the D750 for moving targets because of its faster burst rate and better autofocus.

That said, your choice of camera equipment isn’t actually all that important. In the hands of a skilled photographer, any camera will produce great images. I recently acquired a Leica M3 rangefinder camera. It was made in 1957, contains no electronic components whatsoever and I’m actually half tempted to buy a 135mm lens for it and try spotting with it.

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