Best places to spot in Dallas?

Hey guys I’m going to be in Dallas in a week and hoping to get some good spotting in. What are the best places at DFW/Dallas Love?

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DFW: Founder’s Plaza, no question.

This is available for west side operations only.

For the east side, there’s a gravel parking lot here:

It pulled out some pretty good pics:


Ooh thanks! I will check it out!

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Hope you have an actual camera. Phones are terrible and practically useless here.

phone spotting is not actual spotting either


Oh well I guess I’m not going to do real spotting then.😁

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You can still get decent shots at Founder’s with a phone. This was shot with a trash iPhone 6+

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There’s a construction lot south of the airport that is about a half mile from 36L that drops great pictures but for a phone aren’t great

(don’t slaughter me, as i don’t have the best of cameras)

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Nice that is great!

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Cool, will check it out!

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Now that is factual. Anyways hope you enjoy DFW @SimCaptain

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I’d just go park at the Corporate Aviation parking lot. You might be able to get some shots of the planes on the holding pad waiting for takeoff on 17R and get the arrivals coming in on 17C. Just got to take the pics through the fence. Done it once before. 😉


Is that what’s down that road?

Yes. Free parking too

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No for real tho founders plaza is awesome!

Yes, but have you actually been there lol

Yeah caught some great shots with my good friend who lives in Dallas!

What kind of camera do you have?

See, if they built an area closer to the runway, it would be amazing. Possibly on-par with LAX In-N-Out in terms of distance, maybe even better.

I feel like Founder’s is too far to get truly solid shots in comparison to other places. Having an area closer could get some better angles, but who knows if the airport trusts people that close to the runway.

iPhones be like


Cannon M50