Best Places to Go Plane Spotting

Maho Beach, Duh.
Sunbathe and spot.

JFK!!! M(and HPN)

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Yes, JFK is great! Delta, American, Jet Blue, and many others have hubs there. I flew there once and took a ton of pictures. Maybe I will post them some time.

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Here, I posted them:-) My JFK Plane Spotting Pictures

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If you want to see a bunch of Asian carriers and not go to Asia, Vancouver is the place to go, awarded the Best Airport in North America award by SkyTrax for 7 year straight in a row and known as one of the main gateways between Asia and North America

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Awesome, I will check that one out, thanks:-)

Petro Canada across from Runway 23 at Toronto Pearson

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You live near HPN?

Yes I do @Ace_Gaming!

LOL same, Im flying out of there next week as a matter of fact, its like 8 mins away from my house!

Wow! lets go to PM

i think the best place is DCA

If you ever come to the UK, Manchester and London City are great places.

Most defiantly Skiathos!

An awesome airport, isn’t it called Princess Juliana of Europe?

Yeah I believe so , it’s also the shortest commercial runway in Europe !

Will be a real challenging airport to land at when global comes out …

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Nice! I like watching landing completions going into there.

I always seem to mix it Zakynthos. :/

@Giacomo_Lawrance, I’m sure you’ve seen this video, but for those that haven’t it’s probably the lowest landing you will ever see and it is at Skiathos !


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Yep, believe I have seen it before, and it’s a great video!

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At KMSP there is a great plane spotting area, it has tables and benches to sit on and watch planes on.