Best places to fly in IF

Hello! So I want to explore more on IF and I want some suggestions on where is a great place to fly in IF ( like where there’s mountains and snow) I recently was thinking about flying in Alaska but idk any good places to maybe do like a tour any suggestions will be greatly appreciate.

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Switzerland. It’s a magical place. So are the Canadian Rockies


Juneau, Ketchikan, and Sitka are all cool places in Alaska.


Totally agree with you there.

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Thank you I will check it out

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Yep I was in Switzerland today I love that place

You should!

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queens town just flew in today from Paro In the BBJ

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12 hour flight

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I recommend doing Alaska’s Milk Run. I’ve done it and was absolutely stunned by the scenery and steep approaches.


You want fun approaches? Go to new zealand. NZQN. I would highly suggest charts, as it’s literally surrounded by mountains, and i believe you have to weave through a crevice to get to runway 5 it’s a stunning approach


Missoula international airport (KMSO)
And I am not just saying this because it is my home airport, but MSO isn’t really like any other airport in the U.S.
Spawn in and you will get chills
Scenery: Unique mountains in every direction
Main industries: Equal amount of GA and airline action
Weather: Almost always clear and calm winds
Check this out

Please, all I ask is that you just spawn in a take a quick look around, that’s all I ask


The best place, in my opinion, is the southeast area of Alaska, the region where Juneau. With spectacular views of mountains, its beautiful blue waters, and large glaciers, the southeast region of Alaska is definitely a place to visit.


Nice I will do try it

That’s sounds amazing I will give it a try

Ooooooo nice that looks amazing

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Fly to Paro Airport in Bhutan. hands down the best scenery and approach into one of the most peaceful and serene countries in the world.


the approach is so insanely difficult that less than ten pilots in the world are qualified to fly to it.

the approach to the airport displays the surreal beauty of the Himalayan mountain range. Mt Everest is in view too. with the new HD scenery in Infinite Flight, it would be an epic experience.

on final approach, you fly right up to the mountains, weaving and turning through tight crevices and valleys. charts are a must. if you’re not familiar with the terrain, you won’t make it.

there’s a sharp turn to line up with the runway, and by the time you straighten out, you’re already on the runway at an altitude of less than 50 feet. accuracy is crucial here. Paro is truly a haven for skilled pilots to prove themselves.

here’s a link to a video of a cockpit view approach at Paro: World Most Extreme Landing PARO BHUTAN - YouTube

the largest plane that operates regular service there is the Airbus A319, but the Boeing 737-700 has also made successful test flights there.

in conclusion, Paro is an airport that i highly recommend anyone to fly to. it’s a challenge you won’t regret. but make sure to plan the route, check the charts and familiarise yourself with the terrain first—or else you’ll end up flying into the side of a mountain.



Wow thanks I would also gives this approach a shot thanks for the awesome suggestion🤜😍


Every place with Mountains

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Australian outback. The vast red landscape is mesmerizing

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