Best place to get flight plans?

Hi everyone. What’s the best place to get flight plans from ?

A common one is is a popular one. I use it often :)


Usually I use places like either which has been mentioned by @infiniteflight_17 already, or else flights outside of Europe and Asia, you can get the brief fpl from a real life flight from Those are two good options from my personal preference

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I personally borrow mine from flightaware, pop in the IF airport departure/arrival procedures and then get going


Oh and I forgot to mention another website that you can use alternatively (if those two options don’t really work), you can use as well, which has user made FPLs and you can make one with the quick plan option too


Adding on from what others have mentioned, you can’t really get already completed flight plans from them, but is also very good for creating realistic flight plans with SID’s and STAR’s included.


I use Simbrief. It’s quite difficult when you start using it but after practicing it’s really convenient.
Hope it helped you, have a nice day !


Simbrief is undoubtedly the best and the most “pro” but it remains complex to use at the beginning.
Waypoints are not necessarily usable in Infinite Flight so you will have to sort them.
Don’t hesitate to pm if you need any help!


Thanks for that. Appreciated

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Since I always mock irl flights, I use flightaware.

I can only agree with what a few others said about Simbrief. Might be complex at first but once you are able to understand most of what it generates in the operational flight plan document, it can be really rewarding. The file it generates is also identical to that given to crews in real life, including accurate fuel calculations and weather info.

Simbrief is the GOAT, in combination with Navigraph nothing beats it in the simulator world. A lot of the other programs have issues with coverage or lack of info, Simbrief gives it all. I wrote a reply about how to deal with issues relating to not being able to copy/paste airways into IF.

use - Virtual Flight Planning Solutions, once you create the flight plan, scroll all the way down on Simbrief, copy the xml link, paste it here Infinite Flight FPL Converter That will convert your route to IF format. I usually paste the route on the Notes app (as I use Mac OS), syncs to my phone, in turn copy/paste that into the Search waypoints field (once in session). Edit the route as needed. The datafile link should look like this:

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Also maybe an idea for IF just to have a flight plan generator it’s self once you’ve selected your departure and arrival 🤷🏻‍♂️