Best place to create a cheap website?

Just wondering what is the best method of make a cheap website for a virtual airline?

Would appreciate links too!

Thanks Guys :)

Weebly is probably one of your best options. @BavariaAVIATION is pretty good with it. You can ask him.


As stated above, Weebly is a very good website to make a free website but my other favourite is … I make most of my websites from Wix … If you wanna see one of my websites I have made :


You’ll find some in this thread.

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Thanks Guys!

Tried weebly and wix. Weebly looks a lot more pleasant, especially to newcomers and is in the end also easier to use. I’d definitely pick weebly.


I use wordpress.

Weebly is by far my favorite. It’s so simple, but so much stuff to do! Great stuff, and free. There is a free app to design websites as well!

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