Best photos of January

Hey all!

I’ve had an eventful month and have been able to fly so many new places and explore the world through Infinite Flight. From GA adventures to military formations and 10 hour ocean crossings, it’s been an amazing month of flying!

I wanted to share some photos with you, but figured you didn’t want me to clog your feed with a photos topic every week. It gets old!

So here are my best photos from January. All flights were done on Expert Server.

LEVC-LEZL // Valencia - Seville
Iberia Airlines (Air Nostrum)

A beautiful short hop across Spain ended with a slight crosswind landing on runway 09.

RJAA-YSSY // Tokyo - Sydney
Japan Air Lines
Boeing 787-9

A fun flight over school. Landed with ATC in SYD! This was departing RJAA.

MMMX-MHTG // Mexico City - Toncontín
Boeing 737-700

Flying over these stunning foggy mountains!

Landing with the DLVA crew spectating. I greased it’s, they think I’m a god now. (No actually I did grease it it was glorious!)

VTBS - WSSS // Bangkok - Singapore
Thai Airlines
Airbus A350-900

Climbing out of VTBS, such a light aircraft!

A smooth touchdown on the markers in Singapore.

WIDD - WMBT // Batam - Pulau Tioman

A fun flight with Adam Callow in the C-130.

EDDF - EDDS // Frankfurt - Düsseldorf

Departing in the A320 with a 77W from Toronto landing.

Thanks for looking, and I will see you around!

Enjoy the rest of your day/evening!


Stunning shots, keep up the great work!

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those are really good, i love the third one, great job!

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To this day I still seek the knowledge for the fog edit…

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Great photos! My fav photo is the 3rd one.
Keep it up!

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You can edit weather in replay mode! Find a flight over mountains and lower the visibility, and you should have fog.

Thanks for the kind words, everyone!


The lighting and cropping is amazing! I love the 737 in the fog!

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I am in love with the first shot! 😍

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Now those are some great and amazing photos! The Aeromexico 737 over the mountains is just stunning, awesome job!

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Awesome shots mate, now I love it when people try and make shots look realistic, like you would get them in real life.

Wow. Those are amazing!