Best photos of February

Howdy all

I did this for January as well and I’ll do it again!

I haven’t had the chance to fly as much due to ATC Training, but I did get to enjoy some fun journeys.

These are some photos from the flights I’ve taken. I’ve had so fun in February, and here’s to a fun-filled March!

Without further ado, here we are.

Route Unknown (Central Europe)
Over 150,000 feet, I just kept climbing!

Route unknown
No aircraft

The Alps from 150,000 feet.

Route unknown

A moonshot at 150,000 feet. This was a fun flight!

EDDM-KEWR // Munich - Newark
Airbus A350-900

Climbing out of Munich ready for a transatlantic journey!

SPJC-LFPG // Lima - Paris
Boeing 777-300ER
Air France

Climbing out of a gorgeous Lima in a fully loaded 77W.

OMDB-FACT // Dubai - Cape Town
Boeing 777-300ER

On final in FACT passing Table Mountain.

VHHH-KSEA // Hong Kong - Seattle
Airbus A350-900
Cathay Pacific

Descending into a busy and turbulent SEA.

Reverse thrust deployed on the runway in SEA as a Delta Airlines 737-900 lifts off

KPHX-KABQ // Phoenix - Albuquerque
Boeing 737-700
Southwest Airlines

Climbing out of a calm Phoenix in a beautiful 737.

Thanks for checking out my photos!

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See you in the skies!


Oh yeah! These are nice!

These are amazing pictures!

Very cool shots!

Wow, very nice shots!
My favourite is the 6th one

No wonder these are your best photos of February, they’re awesome!

damn, these are amazing pics! great work