Best phones for Infinite Flight

I just want so know if the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G and Xiaomi Mi Lite 11 NE are good phones and are recommended for Infinite Flight?


While the devices that you listed aren’t on this list, I’m sure that there are some very comparable devices on this list that you could always take a look at.

You may even want to add a section for your devices after some time using it too.

Hey Stungray,

I use a Samsung A20 for IF and it runs perfectly!

Bonjour. The Samsung Galaxy M52 5G would be the more powerful of the two devices, and would be the one I’d personally recommend.

As for the performance, I don’t believe anyone on the forum has contributed to the thread with this device yet, but looking at the specifications of the device, I expect you’d be able to run the simulator fine on a mix of medium and high graphics.

There are of course other devices out there you can purchase, but that would depend on your budget 🤟


thank you for the suggestions!😀

Personally I bought a used iPhone 8 for cheap and it works great

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