Best phones for infinite flight under £200

I’m looking for the best phones that can handle infinite flight easily.

I have a Huawei P Smart 2019, works like a charm. Can easily go up to “High” “High”, only on very busy airport you’ll have to lower graphics to “Low” “Low”. I think it’s a bit lower than €200.


You can have a look through here
Although is doesn’t have the cost a simple search of google could tell you the answer 👍
So you could have an idea of all devices on the market with IF capabilitys, and then search up the which one you may like. Although the new devices are expensive


I use a

Samsung Galaxy A40 (£220 rip)
Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2018)

High graphics! Both have the same standards. No anti aliasing though 😕

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What about the Huawei y6

Ipod that’s what I use they are about that a ipod 7th generation maybe

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I have the 6 though

I have 2400 hours of airtime on my iPod

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What about tablets? You might be able to get a used iPad (regular not Pro) for that price. I have 6th gen and it works like a charm

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Well is it going to get iOS 13

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I would want a new device that would be most updated

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For a few more years I think it will get updates. Mine just got updated to iPad OS yesterday.

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iPhone 11 pro 😝

Well the ipod 6 isn’t supposed to get iOS 13 😭😭

I think its important to point out the Huawei devices will soon have their own custom OS not running an Andriod or IOS base, which means you may not be able to play infinite flight on them.

I have seen a £200 iPad pro 9.7

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