Best Phone for Infinite Flight?

Hey IFC,
Since my iPhone 6 has lived for the 2-year subscription and it can barely run Infinite Flight I want a to get a new phone. I don’t want the latest or most expensive but something that is good with IF (since that’s what I mostly use my phone for). Now I know this topic has come up multiple times but each has a person say something like “I have an iPhone 6 with full quality settings and it barely lags” but I can assure you that I have plenty of space, lowest quality settings and it still crashes and/or lags more than it can fly. So I won’t believe those topics.

What’s your opinion (I can do Samsung or any other phone as well as long as it is a phone not an iPad or tablet). Which phone do you think is the best for running Infinite Flight?

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i mean i go ipad becuase they bigger, not sure about phone


Try using this:


I’ve heard some good things about Mintt.

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Hey mate, I looked at this but like I said above I disagree with a lot of what was said there so I’m choosing not to use that information.

Yeah unfortunately my pocket isn’t big enough.


I think an iPhone would be best. I use an iPhone 7, and rarely experience lag. However, I would go for smth newer than the 7


I would take the iPad Pro it has a big screen and runs IF very good at the highest settings.

I use an iPad Air which runs IF amazing for almost 2 times less the price then the iPad Pro, but the iPhone 7,8,X,Xs, and 11 all run IF great.

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I‘d recommend one if the latest iPhones. I‘ve heard that the devs will add haptic feedbacks soon which feels very nice on the iPhone. That might improve your experience.

Personally, I recommend a OnePlus device or the Razer Phone (2). OnePlus is known for having one of the best price/performance phones out there. The OnePlus 6 or later can easily run IF at the highest settings (the OnePlus 7 Pro and the 7T/Pro have a 90Hz screen and it’s buttery smooth).
The Razer Phone (2) has an amazing 120Hz screen and it’s one of the best Android devices for gaming.

If you prefer using an Apple device, go for the iPhone 8 or X, you can find some good deals for these phones. They are still capable of running the sim at max settings.

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I’m confused as to why people keep suggesting tablets, not everyone wants to buy one device just for IF, that’s just a waste of money, one device for one game is strange…

Pretty much any flagship will perform well in running IF, wether it be from Samsung, Apple, Razer, OnePlus, Huawei, etc. You can’t really go wrong with them these days.


iPhone XR or the 11 that I have.
My phone runs with full quality perfectly.

Samsung A50 is good, it is the phone I use for IF and it has no lag whatsoever.

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The most appropiate is to get a tablet, to avoid any problem if you have a call or some mesages

I tend to use an IPad Pro but my IF Phone is an Iphone 11 and it runs like a dream -

I suggest getting the XR/11 because they are fairly cheap (for the high-end smartphones) and they run IF like butter…sorry grease :)

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My iphone 8plus had experienced lags after updated to ios13.2. Not much but enough for me to get annoyed. I can’t say for X or Xs but 11pro is running pretty smooth.

Apple really let its user base down with its poor performing 13 updates. Not impressed at all and quite disappointed.


I would definitely have to agree with you there.

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I use the iPhone XR and it runs amazing and it’s pretty cheap compared to others too