Best performance

I have never had my Galaxy S10 crash on me using internet flight. Until today at Paris Charles. I don’t blame it there was over 100 life aircraft but still unfortunate because I was waiting for take off for already over half an hour. I know I should be turning down specs but honestly I like it to be run at the highest of everything. For some reason I could only see about 10 aircraft around me even though I had my airplane count to the highest setting it could be. I’m assuming this is because of my poor internet connection but is there another setting I could turn up to try to get more planes shown?

If you had a poor internet connection that’s a likely culprit, but even then if you play enough your games going to get caught up on something. Tbh I wouldn’t fret over one crash…

We only allow for 12 or so aircraft to be shown simultaneously for performance reasons.
This does now however needs some optimization in terms of when they are shown, but the general rule for how many models that are shown still applies.

Your experience would be far worse if all were shown to be honest.


Thank you, yeah I’m not scared about the crash, as I said they were over 100 aircraft and my device was heating up pretty fast oh, I’m giving it a break right now and then I’m going to try again

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