Best part of your take off

So my favorite part from a taking off is being on the runway and putting my flight into full thrust as I hear the engines noise increase,after take off I enjoy making a nice turn to get a view of the scenery and the airport.I sunsets and sundown take offs. What do you as pilots admire most about you’re take offs .

I admire the rotation, a critical part of your flight which can be fun. Rotation starts your journey and can be judged as much as your landing. I think it’s fun trying to make your rotation was perfect as possible and serves to be a fun part of the flight!


Rotating and watching the ground melt awæ 😍

I love the part when you rotate. This is the part of the takeoff that confirms whether or not it was a good one in my opinion.

Just wait until we get the new engine noises with the 772. I think we’ll all enjoy full thrust a little more after that😍

Love eating up the runway with a long takeoff roll, making a perfect rotation, and then a steep climbout into the sky

My favorite part of take of is when you hear the engine slowly spool up, then the plane starts moving. Very satisfying!

For me it is rejecting a takeoff, come on… Don’t lie, we all love a rejected takeoff!

If that is now what you were looking for then I like when you hit V1, the aircraft is ready to fly like a bird :)

I like making a rolling takeoff where you just spool up once you finish the turn for lining up… I also like the rotation when it’s good and aligned with the runway perfectly… I also like the descent when i observe the beautiful scenery and make a slow descent… Finally i like taxiing (in) after making a smooth touchdown (not necessarily a judgmental factor of the flight) but it’s my way of thinking😉… EVENTUALLY I LIKE THE WHOLE FLIGHT🤣🤣

For me, I’d agree with you: the initial thrust setting.

I got this thing for fast rolling take offs. Cleared for immediate take off I set my power to 30 % as I roll into the runway and before I am straight I spool up to take off power . Nothing better that putting your foot in the gas tank and thundering down the runway. 👍

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