Best overall first class service opinions between US carriers

I’d say Alaska Im bias though and plus I bet it be cheaper


For American, it depends on the flight.

Domestic first class is your standard first class. If you’re flying PHX to SEA, you’ll likely get a legacy U.S. Airways A319/20/21 without personal IFEs or charging ports.

Depending on the time of the flight, you’ll be served a full meal. Personally, I’ve found American’s food to be amazing lately. Though, it can be a hit or miss (If you’re offered a beef short rib, go for it. It’s amazing).

Service on the other hand can again be a hit or miss. It can be amazing or downright terrible. Or of course, there are those who are in between.

Haven’t flown Alaska/Delta in F, so good luck choosing.


I have to say Delta’s first class is the best. Flown quite a bit this year and the service is top notch


I’ve only flew first class once. It was with Alaska. Having it been the first time, I was very impressed and enjoyed every aspect of first class.

Am reluctant to try a different airline based on the(first class) service from Alaska as I wouldn’t want to regret choosing Delta or American. But I want to for the experience.

In addition am a Boeing bias over Airbus… and yes it would be an Airbus American flight if American is choosen.

In my opinion, go for Delta. It looks like they run A320s on the route so you’ll likely get an aircraft with a modern and refreshed interior.

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I’m with @Hopperbolic on this. Delta service is top notch. Check out these reviews.


Thanks for the input guys. Really appreciate it! I’ll more then likely go with the Delta option. It shows it being operated by the 737-800. Still have 2 months to decide so am planning well in advance.


I am a tad bit biased though @Will_A 😂

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I suffered flyers remorse a few months back by being cheap and optioning out to not pick my seat.

Ended up sitting on the 2nd to last row on a 73-9 Alaska in the aisle. Not cool for a guy that can’t stop looking out the window.
Also endured the rear flight attendants get caught up on their chit-chat time in the back of the plane. 🙄

Alaskan I reckon

Bias? Nahh… just awesome. Everyone knows DL is the best for US First Class 🙃

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Does anyone know how to search for which airlines fly which type of their aircraft to their various loactions?

Is just best to get familiar with who flys what types by region?

Not that I know of.

However, once you fly enough, you get used to which aircraft fly where.

Oh, and I recommend Delta. The DL 738 biz class beats AA’s A321 or whatever they fly, and Delta gives good meals basically every time.


Are you asking for something like this?


Ex. Delta from Seattle showing where they fly their 737s?


Thanks for that…

You think Delta offers biz class on the 738 for domestic? I thought generally biz class is configured for international flights mainly?

Oh, they offer biz class on every aircraft in their fleet except for the CRJ-200.

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Yes exactly. What site is this?

Ok great thank you.

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Apply the filters and whatever you need. Note that it’s not the most accurate and sometimes it’s a bit slow on updating, but this is an amazing tool.

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Excellent! That’s what I was looking for. I’ll check it out.