Best of the Infinite Flight Community- Version XI

I think this has been a long time coming, and most of you know this. At long last, a new video compiling the best of the Infinite Flight community is online. Simply watch and enjoy. :)

Remember, this is all intended in good fun. Thought it’d be good to get a couple chuckles in while we’re sitting in the dead zone between updates. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way…

FYI- headphone users, a heads up. My hearing isn’t all that great, and the sound kinda had to compensate a bit…

My prior video can be found below if some of you want to catch up with the series before I move forward.


I need popcorn for this, a lot of it.


I thought you might enjoy a nearly 20 minute video this time. Cheers. ;)

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20 minutes?? How long did you spend editing this?

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The last 7 hours are kind of a haze, if I’m being honest.


This is, pure gold. Thank you for enlightening me to this.


@Levet - Roll The Fire Department @ 14:10 Please

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I need a few 🍺🍺 before I can tune in. And it’s only 5:50 am.


It’s 5 PM somewhere ;)


Ahahahahahahaha I always say that! And it’s so true. Great video by the way! Can’t wait for the next one.

I loved this! @JoshFly8 that was amazing (and funny too)!

16:20 …it’s official…IFC has gone to plaid.

Well done once again, Josh.


Very well done Josh. I enjoyed watching this. Thanks for putting it together! :)

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Great Job Josh

Very enjoyable to watch 😂


*Makes an X-Plane support post on an Infinite Flight forum…

What planet are you from? 🤔👽

It’s been a while since I’ve seen this stuff and still sometimes gets a chuckle from me. Nice work Josh!

Probably the planet Druidia, Nate.

I had to…the Spaceballs references in this video are fantastic.


This was solid gold! Bravo! How many man hours went in to this beast? All the regulars came first to see the magnificent show and now its my turn.

😂 A few of these I busted out laughing. Loved the different voices for the different replies in the same scene. Content has been booming lately. Perhaps we may get another before years end? Nicely done Josh! 💯


If I had one guess on what Seb sounds like I think Joshy got it

I think he nailed more than just Seb. I think he got Tyler pretty right as well as some of the other folks who I wish not to name. 😜