Best of the Bucket List Challenge 2022!

I started the Bucket List Challenge (BLC) back in February of 2022 and it has been a wild ride, we are still going strong and have been to so many fun and amazing places. This is to celebrate the top 5 routes from 2022 (With picture of course) and the top 5 pictures from 2022. These will be in descending order from 5th favourite to most favourite. I will leave a link to the challenge at the bottom if you want to read more about what it is. If you think I have missed any routes or pictures from the challenge and you want to suggest your favourite please feel free to add it below! But without further ado, lets get to the pictures!

Top 5 Routes

5. Manchester to Sal, TUI Airways B787-8

4. London to Nassau, British Airways B777-200ER

3. Panama City to Caracas, Copa Airlines B737-800

2. Hanoi to Vientiane, Vietnam Airlines A321

1. Auckland to Rarotonga, Air New Zealand B787-9

Top 5 Pictures

5. B787-9 AeroMexico - Mexico City to Seoul

4. A320 Edelweiss - Cagliari to Zurich

3. B737-800 Ryanair - Bratislava to Dublin

2. B787-9 Air New Zealand - Rarotonga to Auckland

1. B737-800 AeroMexico - Tuxtla Gutiérrez to Mexico City

If you are curious what the Bucket List Challenge is, you can have a look at the link below!

Which Route Sounds the Best to You? (Typed this one in wrong, please imagine Cagliari to Zurich said Hanoi to Vientiane and vote for that one if you like Hanoi to Vientiane)

  • Manchester to Sal
  • London to Nassau
  • Panama City to Caracas
  • Cagliari to Zurich
  • Auckland to Rarotonga

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Which Photo is Your Favourite?

  • AeroMexico B787-9
  • Edelweiss A320
  • Ryanair B737-800
  • Air New Zealand B787-9
  • AeroMexico B737-800

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Beautiful pictures!

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Thank you mate!

Those are amazing! It’s incredible you have been doing this for almost a year, that’s a lot of dedication!

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Why thank you, I have to admit some points I have just taken a break cause I could not be bothered with 1 or 2 of the flights, but all in all I adore this challenge, it lets me see places and fly routes I would never have naturally thought of without this and it has even helped me book holidays, I literally just got back from a trip where I visited one of the challenge destinations.

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Wow, IF might be a flight simulator but it can make us discover way more than just airplanes

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Oh absolutely! I probably would not have done my trip to Porto if it was not for IF and the BLC. It is amazing what one app can bring. Actually might be going on another trip to a destination that isn’t out yet (but have been doing research on) in April.

That’s great!
When we come out of our ordinary flights in IF that we might discover a stunning scenery new to us

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Exactly, it is nice to explore out of your comfort zone!