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Good Evening IFC members,

Hope you are all having a great day so far and are hyped about the A220.

Here is some shots that I have taken over the past few days on different flights here and there. I thought they were great and decided to make a thread showing them off!

Without further ado let’s get into the shots!

Flight Details

All these flights were done on: Expert
Aircraft: Varied
Flight time: Varied from 1 hour to 13
Callsign: ZS-AVG

Here we go with shot 1!

  • ZS-AVG Blasting out of Paris Charles De Gaulle

Coming in fast is shot 2!

  • ZS-AVG Rocketing out of Los Angeles!

Look fast! It is shot number 3

  • V1 Rotate, Barajas is just stunning

Who is ready for a vacation? Well shot 4 is!

  • Welcome to Las Vegas!

Who is looking forward to Belgian Waffles? Shot number 5 is!

  • I find the A330-900NEO simply stunning with the wingtips and massive engines!

F1 Fans must have had a lot of excitement this weekend. Shot 6 has some excited fans flying to Abu Dhabi!

  • The Etihad Livery is just exquisite and fits the Boeing 787 perfectly.

I hope you all enjoyed these shots, I know I did!

All shots were shot and edited on my iPad 8th generation.

Please do not use without permission.

Stay safe and until next time, see you in the sky!


i sense a pattern in these shots …lol

Beautiful shots btw like the one without the tower ;)

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Yeah haha, I have been really enjoying the 3D Airports around the world and felt like I wanted to try and include them in some shots. I really liked shots I got with the tower in it! Thank you!

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I must say, your shots have improved so much. Through the editing, the angles and the lighting. Here’s the first one you ever sent to us at IFATC:

And compare it to all the ones you’ve showed us recently that are here, massive improvement! Great shots Ruan!

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Oh wow, that brings memories back! Thank you so much Eoghan. It means a lot!

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