Best of the best...

Hi all! 👋

If you know me, you know I absolutely adore sceneries that other people don’t get the chance to see. Everyone is always on about Alaska, the Himalayas, the alps, you get it, but I have found another region that no one talks about yet it’s scenic on a world class level. I present to you…


From my experience, I’ve never seen anyone mutter a word about this region and I can’t understand why!

Because I have to specify it, it’s on Casual, took off from SCFM and hit a mountain like 10 minutes ago.

Immediately, you get a wonderful introduction to Patagonia with some mild snow capped mountains…

So this is how it looks from the ground:

A very nice shot of the mountains with some water splitting them in two.

And one more mountain shot for luck!

Like I always ask, which one’s your favourite?

Also, I’ll still be in Patagonia weaving my F22 through the mountains, join me if you’d like!


the approach into Juneau Alaska is gorgeous too

That’s a fantastic scenery for sure! Thanks for pointing this out to us, very nice pictures!