Best of my RC pictures

Hey there !
So you maybe don‘t know but I fly RC planes for 3 years now !
I fly a Focke Wulf with 1.5m and a F4U Corsair with 1.2m (both electric) and they are very cool ✈️
It is a bit expensive but it is worth it !
But let‘s continue with my best catches on airshows !

all pics taken by myself

So this are a lot of pictures but I hope you enjoy them 🔥
What‘s your opinion about RC flying ?


I have a tiny RC Super Cub, it’s hard to fly, but fun!

Those are some really cool RC planes. And those people are probably better at flying than me, seen as those are undamaged. Which brings me to the question, how do they fly those so well? (Without crashing).


So I fly my Focke Wulf and Corsair quite well and me and my friend are trying to perform step by step an airshow

Bit back to your question:
So those little planes are much more harder to fly because of the wind.
If you buy a plane with 1.5m wingspan it will fly very safe (and you have to build it correctly)
If you want more tips PM me 😉

I think 0.5 meters is more like the RC Super Cub I fly. But thanks for the answers, expect a PM sometime when I go flying with my RC plane again.

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Nice pictures! Its cool to see a model of the TX Scorpion, given its a relatively new aircraft.

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Those are really cool! Is that your corsair in the 4th pic?

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Broo 😂 no way that would be too huge
Maybe in some years

This is mine
Pics of the FW190 will come soon

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