Best of Infinite Flight Community

Since @Ben_ny hasn’t been seen in a while, I will start remaking the best of IF Community series. Please, to help me out, submit funny Coments, pictures, etc below! It would be a huge help! The more people submit, the sooner I can release it! Also, since I don’t have a YouTube I will make a website for it so you can see it there! Website will be release with the first episode! Remember: use spoilers for your entries, so those who want to wait for the video to come out can and submit pictures and funny Coments!



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Sorry this is off-topic but what happened to @Ben_ny
He still uploads on youtube.

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I was wondering that too, where is he?

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He may have got bored of IF. Maybe?

no i dont think so.

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He keeps uploading IF stuff?



If you need you can PM them. Benny did put a few inappropriate ones in there

I’m sorry. I like the original BOTIFC by Benny. The way Benny did it was so original.

(This is my honest opinion)

Please PM entries instead of posting here.


What’s BOTIFC and that’s completely fine. I know some people (maybe all) will like his better.

Benny got hacked a while ago (I’m pretty sure) and he posted an apology post for those comments but hasn’t really returned since

You will need a YouTube to put it on a website.

You don’t need a website.

You need YouTube.

Ok, I’ll see what I will do. I will figure it out once it’s made

I mean, why can’t you get YouTube?

I could, just don’t want to if I don’t have to.

Can you Pm those to me?

Ok will do later