Best of Infinite Flight 2019

Hey IFC! This year was a great year for Infinite Flight, so why not end the year by looking at the best of Infinite Flight this 2019!


19.01, this was the first ever update of Infinite flight in the year 2019… the update features the new live replay system and also featured the new liveries for the a330 and b777…


19.02, this was the second update of the year which featured the newest aircraft which is the xcub. The xcub is highly detailed and it features the animated cockpit and working levers, the also added the “progressive taxi instructions” in atc.


19.03, the third update of 2019, this update featured the a320 family cockpit rework with live instruments, another thing about this update is it features HD scenery across the entire world.


19.04, the last update of the year and one of my favorite updates. This update featured the new a350 and this updates comes with the new Cessna 172 rework and the TBM 930 rework. This also has the new map rework with accurate borders, this also features the new screen interface system…

So that is it! This year has featured 4 updates with 2 new aircraft and 3 reworked aircraft, as this year ends I hope Infinite Flight continues to strive to improve the aircraft’s performance and make the sim realistic as possible… I am hoping the next year we would be able to have the entire aircraft fleet in IF with live cockpits! I would like to wish everyone happy holidays and have a wonderful christmas!


Very good job. Mary chrismas the team

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Hello! Thanks for putting the work in to this but @PlaneCrazy made something very similar to this a bit back, it has all the updates and development ever in Infinite Flight.


Could a mod close this already???

Closed on OPs request. Thanks for creating this little overview Kyle although something similar already exists. It’s been a fantastic year. Looking forward to 2020! 😊